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WSQ Floristry
your success, our honor.

Floristry has seen continued relevance in applicable fields such as integrated architecture (Jewel Singapore, Gardens by The Bay) marketing events, commercial sales, and gift services such as bouquet and hamper arrangement. A career in floristry promises many exciting avenues and opportunities.


June Floral Art School offers floristry training under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) program to equip candidates with the professional skills and knowledge in floristry to facilitate industrial entry or to enhance their current employability.


Apart from floral arrangement, these courses offer basic knowledge in safety procedures and customer service; this imparts a holistic set of skills and knowledge that employers and employees in different industries may stand to benefit from as well.

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  • Singaporean and PR

  • Commitment to accommodate class schedules to meet 75% of attendance requirement

  • Students that are unable to commit to a full schedule may sign up for individual units at a registration fee of $20/unit.

Procedures for registration:


  1. Check for available course dates and confirm actual fees     

  2. Register with your NRIC & confirm registration upon nett fee payment     

  3. For more information on funding, please click here.

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