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JFAS Courses
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Having provided quality instruction in floral arrangement since 1987, June Floral Art School conducts several courses that aims to cater to learners from various demographics and proficiencies. The JFAS Courses bring a more focused, specialised aspect in learning floral arrangement.


Individuals looking to begin their journeys or careers in floristry may do so with our Basic Course to gain a strong foundation in the fundamentals of floral arrangement. This includes basic arrangement skills (bouquets, table centrepieces, etc), knowledge in flowers and plants used for arrangement, as well as safe handling of tools. (knives, scissors, dethorners)


Experienced florists looking to further their careers in the industry may consider our Commercial Courses, or the Intermediate and Advanced Courses that imparts floral arrangement skills with deeper complexity and intricacy. (advanced wiring, large bouquets, geometric design, etc)

Pandora Potted 03_19.jpeg


Floral Design

An entry level course designed to provide strong foundations in basic design principles, types of flowers and foliage, and a variety of simpler arrangements such as bouquets and tablepieces, as well as hamper packing and design. Recommended for new learners.

Duration: 18 lessons

Experience Required: None

$780 nett


Commercial Floral Design (with Basic)

A holistic curriculum combining Basic and Commercial Floral Design, this course is designed to accelerate the learning journeys for budding floral entrepreneurs with no prior experience in floristry. Students will simultaneously gain the foundational and industry skills needed for commercial floristry.

Duration: 60 lessons

Experience Required: None

$2,780 nett


Commercial Floral Design

A specialised programme designed for aspiring floral entrepreneurs, this course covers a range of commercial styles and standards for floral arrangements, along with the skills required to handle customer demands and orders. Students will learn how to arrange themed deliverables and opening stands, among others.

Duration: 42 lessons

Experience Required: Basic

$2,280 nett

Basic Floral Design
BC Floral Design
Commercial Floral Design

Bridal Floral Design

A specialised course dedicated to in-depth knowledge of bridal floral design. Bridal themes will be taught styles in hand bouquet designs, bridal headpieces, corsages & boutonnières, car décor, venue enhancement, ribbon techniques and more.

Duration: 25 lessons

Experience Required: Basic

$1,230 nett


Hamper/Gift Wrapping Design

The perfect course for festivities such as Christmas or Chinese New Year or for special occasions such as  anniversaries or birthdays. Traditional & western hamper designs are taught, as well as gift wrapping with floral materials, and bottle wrapping.

Duration: 4 lessons

Experience Required: None

$450 nett


Specialised designs and concepts in hand bouquets will be taught in this course. Students will learn to handle bouquets of different sizes and styles, and incorporate unique decorations into their designs.

Duration: 10 lessons

Experience Required: Basic

$860 nett

Hand Bouquet

Floral Design

Bridal Floral
Hamper/Gift Wrapping
Hand Bouquet

Intermediate Floral Design

A course for higher learning that caters to practicing florists. This curriculum introduces intermediate level elements and designs and covers work with silk arrangements, Zodiac Flower Designs, ornate gift wrapping and more.

Duration: 15 lessons

Experience Required: Basic

$1,000 nett


Advanced Floral Design

Designed for florists with experience, this advanced course introduces complexity and intricacy in floral design, strategic arrangement, in-depth theory, and specialised works in floristry. 

Duration: 22 lessons

Experience Required: Intermediate

$1,230 nett


American Modern Floral Design

A course of higher difficulty focusing on techniques unique to American Modern Floristry, such as an emphasis on negative space and asymmetric design and placement. Learn how to add dimension and variation to your designs, and explore your artistry further.

Duration: 20 lessons

Experience Required: Advanced

$1,800 nett

American Modern

Designed for individuals with a passion for floristry. An all-rounded course that includes and integrates the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced & Bridal Floral Design courses to provide a holistic learning experience.

Duration: 80 lessons

Experience Required: None

$3,700 nett

JPEG image-FC583DC816BF-6.jpeg

Professional Floral Design


Trial Class

Trial learners will be guided in safe handling of tools to arrange and construct a simple floral arrangement. The choice of arrangement will be up to trainer discretion on the day of the class.

Duration: 1 lesson

Experience Required: None (Advance Payment Required)

$60 nett

Trial Class
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