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Course Enquiries 
General Enquiries 
Pre-Admission Test

General Procedure

1. Enquiry through phone call/email/website to JFAS

2. Confirmation of interest and commitment

3. Arrangement of registration appointment at school

4. Registration and payment for course fees at appointment.


Prior to official registration, our administration will also advise you on the of grant you will be eligible for based on your age, nationality, income details.

The above procedure should be completed at least two weeks to one month prior to course start date.

Pre-Admission Test

Candidates who wish to pursue intermediate and advanced learning with the school must provide documents or certifications to certify their prior experience in floristry. If they cannot, a pre-admission test will be administered at a cost of S$60.

The test is a 1hr 45min test that comprises three components:

  • 15min Written test

  • 45min Table top arrangement practical

  • 45min Hand bouquet practical

If the candidate is deemed competent, the candidate may sign up for the course with the $60 Tools & Equipment fee waived off. The registration fee of $40 will still apply.


Should the candidate be assessed to be more suited for the WSQ Certificate in Floristry Operations, he/she may sign up but Registration & Tools & Equipment fee of $100 will apply. The pre-admission test fee of $60 is neither refundable nor deductible from the Certificate level course.

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