Upon Graduation, ... 
a passion. a career. a journey.

Completion of our floristry course is just the beginning of your floristry journey. Graduates are given exclusive access to platform.june, a career-launching initiative program designed to help new florists in their floristry career. 


When you start your own floristry business, June Floral will be there to support you by providing materials, workspace, and discounted prices for flower arrangement and delivery. 

channelling your passion towards teaching.

Graduates inclined towards becoming an educator may also advance their endeavours through teaching floral arrangement.


JFAS offers various teaching opportunities for graduates that display exceptional commitment to their crafts, and will facilitate a  rewarding career for those who wish to further their skills while gaining experience in floral arrangement education. 


This allows graduates who are interested in teaching to monetize their newfound knowledge and impart them, thereby creating fulfilling educational opportunities. They will have to offer supervised instruction to learners on executing floral decorations to ensure that they contribute to their own learning outcomes and results.