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Schedules & Fees


Class Schedule
Our classes are conducted on one-to-one basis. Hence, candidates have the flexibility to select their preferred days and time slots based on the schedule table below. Students will be required to inform the school with two days advance notice on their next lesson date & time.

Day Morning Class Afternoon Class
Monday   10am 12pm 2pm 4pm
Tuesday (American Floral Art)   10am 12pm 2pm 4pm
Wednesday   10am 12pm 2pm 4pm
Thursday   10am 12pm 2pm 4pm
Friday   10am 12pm 2pm 4pm
Saturday 8am 10am 10am 12pm 2pm 4pm



Course Fee (Not applicable for SkillsFuture Credit)

Course Lesson Fees W/
Enrolment Fee (Non-refundable) Tools &
Exam Fee Certificate Total
Basic Floral Design 20 S$ 600 S$ 20 S$ 60 S$ 100 JFAS Basic S$ 780
Intermediate Floral Design 20 S$ 800 S$ 20 S$ 60 S$ 120 JFAS Intermediate S$ 1,000
Advance Floral Design 30 S$ 1,000 S$ 20 S$ 60 S$ 150 JFAS Advance S$ 1,230
Bridal Floral Design 30 S$ 1,000 S$ 20 S$ 60 S$ 150 JFAS Bridal S$ 1,230
Professional Floral Design
(Basic, Intermediate, Advance &
Bridal Floral Design)
100 S$ 3,200 S$ 20 S$ 60 S$ 420 JFAS Professional S$ 3,700
Commercial Floral Design
(Exclude Basic)
50 S$ 2,000 S$ 20 S$ 60 S$ 200 JFAS Commercial S$2,280
Commercial Floral Design
(Include Basic)
70 S$ 2,400 S$ 20 S$ 60 S$ 300 JFAS Basic
JFAS Commercial
S$ 2,780
Hand Bouquet Design 12 S$ 700 S$ 20 S$ 60 S$ 80 JFAS Hand Bouquet S$ 860
Hamper / Gift Wrapping 4 S$ 250 S$ 20 S$ 60 S$ 150 JFAS Hamper S$ 450
American Modern Floral Design
(American Floral Art School Diploma)
20 S$ 1,500 S$ 20 S$ 60 S$ 220 American Floral Art School Diploma S$ 1,800
* American Modern Floral Design Course is only available on Tuesdays. Other courses are available daily.
** For multiple course sign ups, enrolment fee and tools & equipment fee are one-time payment fee only.

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