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Who Should Attend:

This level of qualification aims to equip new industry entrants who lack of experience and/or required skills. Existing Floral Assistants can also upgrade themselves with this certificate by obtaining industry-recognized credentials for their skills.

Course Units Listing and Fee:
 Core Units Code  Unit Reference Number
 Competency Units
Duration Unit Fee
(Before Grant)
 FL-HS-101C-1   CRS-Q-0026520-FL
 Recognise and Select Flowers and Plants Materials for Use in Commercial Floristry
24 hrs $330.00
 FL-FP-101C-1   CRS-Q-0020472-FL
 Care and Store Fresh Flowers and Plant Material
24 hrs $540.00
 FL-DS-101C-1   CRS-Q-0020508-FL
 Recognise the Elements and Principles of Design as Applied to Floral Artistry
24 hrs $540.00
 FL-FS-101C-1   CRS-Q-0020473-FL
Use and Maintain Tools, Equipment, Floral Hardware and Work Areas
16 hrs $340.00
 FL-FS-102C-1   CRS-Q-0020474-FL
Dress Floral Product with Bows, Wrappings and other Decorative Accessories
16 hrs $360.00
 FL-FS-103C-1   CRS-Q-0020475-FL
Perform Basic Wiring Techniques
14 hrs $160.00
 FL-FS-104C-1   CRS-Q-0020476-FL
Assemble Fresh Flowers Bouquet
24 hrs $640.00
 ES-JS-101G-1  CRS-Q-0020582-ES
Comply With Workplace Safety and Health Policies and Procedures
16 hrs $160.00
 Elective Units Code  Unit Reference Number
 Competency Units
Duration Unit Fee
(Before Grant)
 FL-FS-101E-1  CRS-Q-0020454-FL
Assemble Fresh Flowers Using Floral Foam
24 hrs $640.00
 FL-FS-102E-1  CRS-Q-0020477-FL
Pack and Dress Hampers
24 hrs $420.00
  Course Fees after SkillsFuture Funding
WSQ Course Fees Singaporean/PR
(SSG 80% Grant)
(SkillsFuture MCES1 90% Grant)
(WTS2 95% Grant)
Total cost of 10 units S$ 4,130.00 S$ 4,130.00 S$ 4,130.00
Less SkillsFuture Funding -S$ 3,032.00 -S$ 3,717.00 -S$ 3,923.50
Course fees after funding
(SkillsFuture Credit claimable)
S$ 1,098.00 S$ 413.00 S$ 206.50
Add on Reg. Fees, Tools
(not deductible from
SkillsFuture Credit)
S$ 100.00 S$ 100.00 S$ 100.00
TOTAL FEES PAYABLE S$ 1,198.00 S$ 513.00 S$ 306.50
  1 Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy
2 Workfare Training Support
For specific funding enquiries, please refer to the funding FAQ here or contact us at 68484 500 or email us at info@junefloral.com

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